Best Schools in Harrow, UK

Best Schools in Harrow, UK

When moving with a family, it can sometimes feel daunting trying to narrow down a neighborhood as large as London. There is a spread of things to think about like trying to seek out a neighborhood within your budget range with schools ready to fit your children’s needs. to assist you cut down the right area for you and your family, Compare My Move has created this list of the ten best primary and secondary schools in Harrow.

Before comparing the simplest London removal quotes on offer, browse our list to look at the simplest schools in Harrow including the property prices in their catchment areas. we’ve ranked the faculties by using data from School Guide, the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), and Ofsted. For further advice, view our guide securing an area when you’ve inevitably chosen the simplest Harrow school for you.

1. Harrow School
If you’re moving to West London with a family, you’ll want to think about our favorite lyceum as a guide for where to measure. Harrow School may be a highly-rated and revered independent boys-only school in Harrow with 826 students aged between 13-18. There are scholarships and bursaries available, but there’s a £325 registration fee with the choice of accommodation for college kids.

In 2018, 84% of scholars were awarded GCSE results graded at A*-A, with approximately one-third of the year group achieving 9 or more A* grades. the present A*-A rate for A-Level results is 65%. These are incredible results, completely soaring above the national average

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2. The John Lyon School
The John Lyon School is an independent boys-only lyceum in Harrow, located on Harrow-on-the-Hill. It currently has 600 students enrolled, all aged between 11-18. Scholarships and bursaries are available to assist students to attend, but the fee is £6,194 per term between Year 7-Year 11 and £5,966 per term for class pupils.

In 2018, one-third of all A-Level exams taken were graded A*-A with a 97% overall pass rate. this is often an excellent achievement for the varsity and its pupils. a couple of students from the toilet Lyon School have recently been accepted to the highly respected universities in Oxford and Cambridge.

3. St Gregory’s Catholic Science College
Located in Kenton, Harrow, St Gregory’s Catholic Science College holds up to 1,089 pupils aged between 11-18. Last year, 71% of their class students achieved A*-B grades, soaring above the national average of 53%.

77% of the younger students achieved 5+ GCSEs graded A*-C which is, again, above the national average of 60% making it a highly respectable result. the varsity has recently had another Ofsted report in 2019, marking it as ‘Outstanding’ altogether areas. The staff was recognized for his or her leadership and effective curriculum.

4. Nower Hill highschool
Another lyceum in Harrow marked as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, Nower Hill highschool currently has 1,902 pupils enrolled aged between 11-18. 74% of scholars achieved 5+ GCSEs graded between A*-C last year, another set of results above the national average.

The school’s aim is to make sure each pupil acquires impeccable manners, kindness and therefore the drive to be hard-working during their time in education. 64% of the scholars in class achieved A Levels graded A*-B last year, with 92% securing an area at their first University of choice.

5. Whitmore highschool
Starting off our list of the simplest secondary schools in Harrow is Whitmore high school situated on Porlock Avenue. Marked as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted reports, the varsity currently holds 1,678 pupils aged between 11-18. the varsity aims to market a broad and balanced curriculum also as creating an ordered and friendly community for the youngsters.

70% of scholars achieved 5+ GCSEs graded A*-C which is above the national average of 60% making it a good result. The staff and students are working as hard as possible to stay these statistics rising.

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