Factors to Consider in Hiring a Search Agency

Factors to Consider in Hiring a Search Agency

1. Process & Methodology
Any great SEO or PPC practitioner or firm will have a process and approach to how they are doing their work.

You definitely want to find out about it.

Take notes on things they mention and the way they stay current with changes in search algorithms and advertising networks.

One of the risks of working with a workplace that throws around buzzwords and technical terms is that they’re using outdated methods.

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You may want to look at the tools and terminology wont to confirm it’s current and relevant.

Another risk is that they’re good at talking on the surface about the topic matter, but lack the depth to execute a technique beyond optimizing some tags and replica.

You definitely want to ascertain a sample decide to skills they’re going to organize their work.

Look for recent samples of measurable results for others, as well.

You need to possess the confidence that they’re on top of their game and aren’t getting to always be playing catch up or putting out fires when working with you.

2. Level of Customization
A challenge that is still no matter who you partner with for search marketing services is that the intangible nature of the work product and repair offered.

It’s easy to mention all equivalent things or maybe the “right” things to win a contract.

How much time has each prospective search agency spent asking about your business and goals versus telling you what their solution is?

We want our search agency to possess a process and plan (see above). But we don’t want the off-the-shelf or one-size-fits-all plan.

Even if they’re the highest agency for your industry, press to seek out out what proportion of the plan is custom and tailored and integrated into your goals and business metrics, not simply focused on their metrics and process.

3. Verifiable diary
Don’t be shy in asking about clients, requesting case studies, checking references, and reading reviews.

A search agency’s history and diary can say tons.

One year might not be at an equivalent level because the next for a variety of reasons like scaling too fast, poor hiring, high turnover rates, or shifting focuses.

Look for recent use cases and ask each agency what makes an honest partnership and what doesn’t, in their opinion.

4. Stability in commission
SEO takes time and is an ongoing process.

Great paid search campaigns build and scale over time, too.

Plus, the learnings and integration of both SEO and PPC can provide meaningful insights.

Sure, the workplace can tell you they’ve been in business for an extended time.

Dig deeper, though.

How long have they been doing search optimization?

What are their client retention rates over time?

What are their employee retention rates?

Also, what’s their focus?

Hopefully, a search may be a major part of it and one that they’re committed to for the future. If they’re in growth mode, confirm they will articulate what happens to your account as they grow.

5. Credentials and Qualifications
Certifications and credentials are often a given or minimum.

Most search agencies will display the Google Partner badge and be ready to mention their certified analysts.

Press to find out more about which specific team members you’ll be working with and their level of experience and training.

Small agencies might offer you, one analyst.

Larger agencies may need a team approach.

Regardless, you don’t want your company’s search performance limited by the experience or ideas of 1 or two people.

Dig into who you’ll be working with and whether or not they act as an extension of your team or just provide a service or commodity.

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