Save Office Space Using Switchable Glass Partition

A cramped up space that’s yellow lit with a rather dull flooring that puts you in small open boxes called cabins. Which was an image of what office spaces looked like in the’ 90s. But nowadays, they’re far from it. Designing a commercial space can be tricky. Nowadays, these spaces are created with much creativity and resourcefulness, so that the humans that inhabit them for a good 8 hours in one day do so with enthusiasm and joy.

Office Space Design: Does it Really Matter?

An office space which has been meticulously designed and consists of meticulously chosen elements are able to uplift a worker and bring a heightened sense of responsibility and energy that suits the mood of the space. It forges better relationships and a feeling of belongingness. Nowadays, including the colour of the wall in a commercial space is able to change the way folks feel. Yellow for energy, brown for reliability or perhaps purple for royalty, and so forth. But what if you’re trying to stand out beyond coloured walls, magnificent paintings, or perhaps attractive desks. If so, you may want to add some grace, sheen, and that perfect professional touch using the timeless material – glass – in the form of office partitions.

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Sounds brilliant but wondering what may be good about plain ol’ glass? Well, you’re in luck! Because plain isn’t the new cool, a switch is actually!

Smart glass or perhaps switchable glass, as it’s popularly called, is actually a wonder product with adjustable opacity. Flick that button without a second thought, and it rapidly turns opaque or perhaps translucent from transparent. This’s just the beginning; it is time to dive into several of its advantages.


Who doesn’t wish to include some light into their lives? Nevertheless, the light also brings with it that dreaded woe, heat – every rose has the thorn of its, right? Maintaining the proper temperature in tandem with sufficient natural lighting is actually crucial to creating a productivity friendly work zone. This’s what switchable glass brings to the table. The ability of its capability to transition from transparent to translucent helps to balance the heat while leaving the amount of natural light entering a space unaltered. This may be a sustainable and smart solution to keep the office spaces trendy and lit.


Can it be becoming hard to get some privacy nowadays? Only when you don’t have the right privacy solutions with you!

Modern offices have adjacent rooms or perhaps spaces that are actually covered in glass. Next, there’s also an ongoing trend of co working spaces today. In conditions that are such, it’s simple to eat into one’s privacy, unintentionally. Switchable glass partitions have a tendency to resolve the problem with ease. Click that button to make the glass frosty, so that your room is actually free from the hustle and bustle of the external environment. This feature is particularly helpful for conducting confidential and important meetings and conferences. You can experience probably the best of both worlds – privacy with continuity of seamless connection and design with the majority of the workplace.


They say, “Consistent maintenance is much more successful, but it is not alluring.”

Therefore, you deserve the space of yours to be both alluring and low maintenance. It’s quite unsavoury in order to have your office partitions in a dusty condition then and now or perhaps to have it stained, especially on days when you’ve to attend meetings that are important with a customer. Switchable glass is actually a saviour in this specific place! It hardly collects dust as compared to normal annealed glass and can be easily wiped clean with a clean duster and some glass cleaning agent.

Straightforward Installation

Another of the primary advantages of switchable glass partition lies in its portability. If you’re trying to change the layout of the one already installed in the office of yours, it can be achieved in a snap! You won’t be asked in order to clean up the office space or even to turn the work at the office topsy turvy just to put in a touch of class to the office of yours.

Is not this the convenience you were searching for?

Contemporary Look

“There are 3 responses to a design – yes, no, and wow. Wow is actually the one to aim for.”

In case you’re looking for nothing less than a wow, then a switchable glass partition is perfect for you! It’s become crucial that the commercial spaces of today reflect the mood of the modern day and age and is a lot more adaptable to the new development. Switchable glass partitions have modernity written all over them, and by having such partitions installed in the office of yours, you are able to make that perfect first impression on the clients of yours, inspection team, and others.

It’s not every day that you are going to find an all-in-one solution to your interior design worries. It is an art to make a commercial space that’s not only aesthetically appealing but is actually fun and easy to handle. Also to know more about this particular art, AIS Glass is here to be the backbone of yours! Our AIS Swytchglas is actually a groundbreaking smart glass technology injected to adjust its opacity levels. It gets activated in micro seconds, lasts for a minimum of 20,000 cycles, and blocks fifty % of the light in its’ Off’ mode. Be sure to get in touch with us for switchable glass partitions that will eventually turn the tables on the appearance and feel of the office of yours.

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