5 Ways Your Handyman Can Make Your Apartment in Dubai Spacious


If you want to improve or repair your apartment, the solution is to hire a handyman. Fortunately, you can easily acquire their services in Dubai. The difficult part is determining how and what you wish to alter. After hiring a handyman in Dubai, you will need to determine which spaces can be renovated and repurposed. This can be a difficult task. Therefore, after hiring a handyman, it is time to generate ideas.

Five Ways a Dubai Handyman Can Make Your Apartment More Spacious

Getting more use out of a relatively small space can be a real challenge and calls for incredible ingenuity. This article will list five ways to increase the space in your apartment. These interior design ideas will serve as a good starting point. Continue reading!

Creating a mobile workstation

Tables that are foldable and mobile are a godsend for small apartments. Adding wheels to your workstation is not only a fun idea, but a very practical one as well. If your workstation is mobile, you can easily relocate it to different areas of your home where you prefer to work.

Other than that, it can be a significant space saver. When not in use, you can place the workbench in a corner where it will not be in the way. Additionally, it can be used in the kitchen, as a study table, as a vanity, etc. One table can serve multiple purposes, saving you space and money on the purchase of additional furniture. You may ask your handyman to add a few drawers to the bench to enhance this trick. Ultimately, drawers are optimal for adding storage space.

Install Shelves and Cupboards

Your handyman can be of great assistance to you by installing shelves and cabinets on bare walls. The more items you hang on the walls, the less clutter you have on the floor. You can install kitchen shelves for condiments, spices, and herbs. It can conserve a great deal of counter space. Additionally, you can add hooks to the walls or sides of cabinets to hang your cooking utensils. This will free up additional cabinet space. If you install shelves for your personal grooming items in your bedroom and attach a mirror to the wall, you will save all the space occupied by a massive vanity.

If you have an office, you can install shelves to display your books. This will free up a tremendous amount of space on the table. Even in the bathroom, you can create storage space by installing shelves and cabinets. The best aspect of this space hack is how visually appealing it is.

3. Transform Closets into Workspaces

Your handyman can make your apartment more roomy by maximizing the closet space. Shelve it, paint it a suitable color, and use it as a workstation. Putting a chair in a small closet will necessitate removing the door in order to increase space. However, if it is sufficiently large, you may not need to do so. You can instead convert this closet into a small, undisturbed workspace.

Since closets can be dark, you will likely need to add additional light sources, such as a table lamp, in addition to the shelves for storage. If you don’t want to convert it into a desk, you can transform it into a pantry, bar, safe, or library. Several maintenance companies in Dubai are capable of providing such services.

Make use of the balcony

Competent handymen will always advise you to make the most of your balcony and terrace. These inventive individuals consistently have brilliant suggestions for how you can utilize this space to your advantage. Adding shelves, a desk, and chairs to your balcony, for instance, can create a fantastic workspace with a view. Additionally, you can place your coffee table and a few chairs on the terrace to create a breakfast nook. Thus, you will have more room in the kitchen to move around while cooking with your family. Don’t allow this space to go to waste, as balconies can serve a variety of purposes. Use your imagination and Pinterest account, and ask your handyman for advice on how to make the most of it.
#5. Multi-Purpose Furniture

You will be surprised to learn how creatively a handyman can transform your basic furniture into multipurpose pieces. For instance, they can transform standard tables into desks with lids so that you have more space on top and can store items underneath. Beds with drawers underneath can be used to store additional bedding, covers, and other items. Sofas with storage compartments underneath are also a brilliant and simple concept. Dubai Handyman

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