Cool Things to do in Zakynthos

Best Things to Do in Zakynthos

On the Ionian Island of Zakynthos (Zante), there is a world of difference between the mountainous north and west and the flatter south and east, where most beaches are actually found.

The upper regions have bright white limestone cliffs plummeting to coves and inlets like the marvelous Navagio, which can only be reached by boat.

Around Laganas Bay, a lot of the southwest is actually occupied by the Greek National Marine Park as a nesting area for the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta). This creature lays the eggs of its on the sandy beaches in the summer, and you will have the ability to go turtle spotting on glass-bottom boats and observe the hatchlings scrabbling for the water after sunset.

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1. Navagio (Shipwreck Cove)

In the northeast of Zakynthos is actually a cove embraced by towering white limestone cliffs.

Beneath them on the white beach are actually the rusting remains of the MV Panagiotis, a container ship that ran aground in 1980. You will find 2 ways to experience this awe-inspiring natural sight: From above, you can drive or even catch a tourist bus to Navagio Beach View and queue up for what must be the island’s most emblematic scene, of the shipwreck as well as the cove’s glowing blue water far below.

By sea, you could charter your own boat if you would like to be independent, or perhaps board a tourist cruise from Porto Vromi, Agios Nikolaos Port in Volimes, or perhaps Zakynthos Town on the east coast.

In the event you do not mind crowds, you can sunbathe on the beach, swim in the ethereal water, marvel at the cliffs, and explore the wreck.

2. Kalamaki Beach

One of a couple of beaches that we will mention in the Greek National Marine Park, Kalamaki, is actually on the eastern pocket of Laganas Bay and could probably be the best on the island.

The coastline is actually protected, which keeps tourist development discreet and away from the beach.

There is nothing much more than a single bar renting out parasols and sun loungers.

And as you are in a national park, the beach is diligently maintained.

The golden sand is actually spotless, while the beach shelves very slowly to warm, transparent waters.

On the shore, you will see swimmers hundreds of meters out as the sea is shallow and calm, so in this bay.

3. Blue Caves

The little harbor at Skinari in the north of Zakynthos is actually the point of departure for trips to the Blue Caves and only accessed by water.

Within minutes you will be floating through a magnificent set of limestone sea caves and natural arches.

There is nothing accidental about the title of these formations as the water has what can only be referred to as a shade of milky blue, caused by the interplay of the sunshine and also the white limestone.

You will be permitted to go in for a swim, and do not be alarmed to see your skin turn a ghostly hue under the surface area.

4. Porto Limnionas Beach

A freshly laid road from the village of Agios Leon weaves down to this fjord on probably the west coast, bounded on its east side by high white cliffs hollowed with caves.

Resting above the fjord on the western slope is actually a taverna with tables and sun loungers on terraces where you gaze into the pristine blue water.

Further down are actually rocks and concrete platforms where folks lay the towels of theirs, and you will find it difficult to resist bathing in the shimmering, crystalline water and stepping onto the small beach at the northern end.

5. Marathonisi

This islet in Laganas Bay in the south of Zakynthos is often called Turtle Island, as it’s a hatching ground for the loggerhead sea turtle.

For that reason, Marathonisi is actually uninhabited, and visitors have to clear the sandy beach to the north before sunset in summer to allow the turtles to come ashore to lay the eggs theirs.

At the southern harbors of Limni Kerio and Laganas, you can embark on turtle spotting cruises to the island, normally on a glass-bottom boat.

The clarity of the water means you will have a great chance of seeing one or perhaps 2.

You will be given up to an hour on the island to sunbathe, swim and have a picnic in this unspoiled setting.

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