How to Make Money with Ibota

How to Make Money with Ibota

1. Be sure to get your $20 Ibotta Welcome Bonus!
Let’s start from right before you even sign up!

Like many other sites, Ibotta also gives you a signup bonus. You can earn up to $20 in welcome bonuses just for joining and redeeming your first qualifying offer!

Here’s how it works:

$10 Welcome Bonus #1: Redeem an in-store offer.
$5 Welcome Bonus #2: Redeem a Mobile Shopping offer.
$5 Welcome Bonus #3: Redeem an in-store or Mobile Shopping offer. This is a secondary $5 bonus.
So don’t forget to do these things so you don’t miss out on earning $20 quickly!

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2. Install the free Ibotta browser extension
As useful as they are, there aren’t that many great money-saving browser extensions out there unfortunately so I am glad Ibotta came out with their own extension.

The Ibotta browser extension is a new service the company has added. The goal is to help people save money when they are shopping online. You get special rewards for their exclusive online deals. Even better, your rewards are added to your regular Ibotta account, so you can cash out even faster.

All you have to do is install the free extension on your computer and activate it. From there, shop as you would normally and earn cashback for every qualified purchase.

This, by the way, makes it super easy to not ever miss out on a cashback opportunity because you forgot to use the app. Once you install and activate the extension, you don’t have to remember it for it to work. It automatically works in the background earning you cash back for every qualified purchase.

Note: as of now, the extension is only available for the Chrome browser.

Where to get it: Ibotta browser extension on Google Chrome web store

3. Take advantage of store loyalty cards
These days, most stores have customer loyalty programs that reward you for shopping with them.

Ibotta works with almost every major brand in the country. However, they also have exclusive partnerships with a few main retail chains. If you have a loyalty card for any of these retail chains, you can link it to your account and make extra cashback.


4. Get the bonus rebates
Sometimes — especially during holidays — Ibotta will give bonus rebates on items that are more likely to be bought during a certain period of time. For instance, you might get a deal that’s fifty cents back on a turkey plus a deal that’s $3 back on a certain brand of turkey.

These bonus rebates can stack, which helps you save even more!


5. Ibotta hidden bonuses
This is one of the best Ibotta hacks out there that people don’t notice on their app. Sometimes the company will run rebates that you can redeem multiple times but with one little problem: the rebate works only once per receipt.

Instead of making multiple shopping trips, just buy the item individually however many times you need. Sure, people in line may look at you a little weird, but the savings are worth it!


6. Buy small
Let’s say you get an offer for money off a certain brand of sour cream. If you don’t need a lot of that item, don’t buy the massive containers that cost way more money.

Instead, buy a much smaller container so that you don’t spend as much and you maximize the percentage of savings you spent.


7. Check out the Dollar Store
This Ibotta hack can actually make you money!

Once you know what you want to redeem, don’t go to your regular grocery store. Instead, first, check out the dollar store.

Rebates can work regardless of where you shopped so in some cases, you can actually make money if you only spent a dollar on something.


8. Don’t buy something you don’t need
I know, sometimes the rebates are so tempting you might be inclined to purchase something just for the cashback.

Sometimes this works out because you’ll discover a new brand or type of food you didn’t know you’d like. However, sometimes you can end up with food that you hate, thus wasting the money you were trying to save in the first place.


9. Don’t forget Coupons
This one is such a low effort way to make extra savings. When you’re heading into the grocery store, grab the ad they put out for that week. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find coupons for things you were already planning on getting rebates for.

Nothing is more satisfying than stacking your savings, right?


10. Double check before you buy
Once you get to the store, it is tempting to just assume you know what items work and not bother checking. However, you really should. You don’t want to buy something only to later find out you’re paying full price because you got the wrong product.

Thankfully, Ibotta makes it very easy to scan a barcode of a product and make sure it works for the rebate you are going for.

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