Optimum Temperature For Marijuana Plants

Optimum Temperature For Marijuana Plants

Ensuring your plants have the right temperature isn’t the simplest thing to try to do. Some would say it’s the maximum amount of art because it is science.

That doesn’t mean you can’t figure it out, though. you only got to learn a couple of things first; which I will be able to teach you during this article.

I’ll explain why cannabis temperature involves quite degrees, and why it’s even more complicated when growing indoors. I’ll also show you ways to acknowledge temperature related problems and make adjustments in your grow room.

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Temperature’s effect on plants
Plants are fairly self-sufficient, but when it involves temperature they’re at an obstacle. albeit it’s vital to their health, plants can’t create their own heat. Unlike animals and humans, a marijuana plant is entirely hooked into its environment.

How does a plant get warm?

A plant’s temperature develops from a mixture of external light, external temperature, and therefore the amount of evaporation. A plant’s exact temperature isn’t something you’ll read on a thermometer, but it’s a particular measure of health.

Marijuana plants won’t usually die from being too hot, but their growth can slow from it. High external temperatures (above 80 degrees) while flowering won’t only hamper bud growth but also reduce their smell and potency. If you care about growing buds with many cannabinoids, you would like to make certain the external temperature is kept in check during the flowering stage.

The quality of your buds is reason enough to worry about temperature, but there are more.

You also should care about their health.

In general, an excessive amount of heat causes plants stress.

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If your plant gets too warm, photosynthesis is impacted, enzyme activity decreases, and fewer proteins are produced. Some proteins even break down. If this continues long enough, your plant can die.

Below are some ways temperature impacts the marijuana growing process.

My selection of indoor seeds is ideal for growing in a controlled environment. Although some work fine when grown outside also, these are the seeds you would like if you’re growing indoors.


Do most folks understand how plants make sugar right?

Well, one example of how temperature can affect the general health of your plants is the process of photosynthesis. To a particular degree, photosynthesis isn’t suffering from temperature – it can safely occur at 60ºF (15ºC) or 85ºF (30ºC). no matter the temperature, your plant will still be ready to produce enough sugar.

Temperature becomes an element when your plant must send those sugars to the places they’re needed. Sugar doesn’t move also when it’s but 68ºF (20ºC). In fact, the sugars will grind to a halt, and your plant will suffer.

In other words, confirm the plant is warm enough to function.

When this happens in mature plants and only lasts a couple of days, it’s not that big of a drag. Once the temperature is resolved, the backed-up sugars will go where they ought to be. However, in immature plants, this example will stunt the plant’s growth.

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