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Speciality Curtains


These curtains are not curtains seen in everyday use, they are specialty curtains with specific functions and roles that they play. Get yourself familiar with these specialty curtains as you never know when you may need to organize some yourself for an interior decorating project. s fold curtains

Tiered Curtains

Tiered curtains consist of two or more curtains hung over the head of the window and the other tiers will be hung from transoms.

Corona Drape

This is a decorative curtain at the top of a bed which hangs from a coronet or special bracket.

Half Tester

A rectangular canopy above the bed that extended partway down the bed from the headboard. The curtain created a 3 dimensional effect by draping either side.

Canopy Bed (A la Duchesse, Angel bed)

A canopy which is suspended over the head of the bed by cords which are fixed to the ceiling.

Italian Stringing / Reefed Curtains

This is a set of fixed heading curtains that are joined at the centre, the leading edges are drawn back like theatre curtains by cords strung diagonally from one third of the way down the curtain.

Tie Back Curtains

These are curtains that are designed to be gathered at the side of the window and held by a decorative tieback, sleeve or cord. These are very common and you are probably already familiar with these.


A fabric covered tie back curtain

Bishops Sleeve

Rod pocket curtains with extra length so that the sides can be gathered with tiebacks to create multiple poufs and they often puddle on the ground.


These consist of two panels of fabric that are double sided, either the same fabric or contrasting. They hang back to back and are joined at the side seams. A portiere is a curtain that keeps out draughts from the door. It hangs behind it to completely cover it insulating the opening.

Under Curtains

Under curtains hang behind the main curtains, they are often sheers, nets or voiles.

A good example of under curtains here which are simple and functional. The decorative curtains and valance are probably in a more expensive fabric and this will retain it’s integrity longer and be less prone to fade and suffer from soiling by hands as they do not need to be drawn.

Dress Curtains

These are decorative curtains that won’t be drawn.

Jardiniere Curtain

The bottom of the curtain is raised to the centre providing a curved look revealing part of the window, and is generally made of sheer fabrics.

Shirred Curtains

These are usually installed within a window frame, the fabric has a casement heading top and bottom and is threaded through rods at the top and bottom creating a shirred effect over the window.

Full Tester (Four Poster)

This is a frame which surrounds the bed and supports a valanced ceiling and four curtains.

Sash Curtains

Sash curtains are any sheer fabric hung close to the windowpane, often on curtain wire, tension wire or sash rods.

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