The Best To-do list manager: Taskade

A Clear Guide about Taskade Software

As someone who struggles with personal organization, I often find myself experimenting with new to-do apps and productivity tools, so as to cure my scatterbrained ways. the newest app I’ve tested is Taskade, from the corporate of an equivalent name.

Taskade’s biggest strength is that it doesn’t do an excessive amount of. It allows you to effortlessly group your to-do lists into folders, allowing you to segment your business and private duties.

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So, you’ll have a folder for work, and therein would be lists of tasks that you’ve need to complete for projects you’re performing on. Then you’ll have a folder for private stuff, with lists for social groups that you’re in, and household duties that require to be done. What sets Taskade aside from its larger rivals (and there are many, from fully-fledged productivity tools like Zenkit and Trello to other to-do list apps like Todoist) is that the attention paid to aesthetics. With pastel colors, emoji galore, and a very simplified interface, you quite easily forget you’re employing a work tool.

Well, no. That’s almost true. But it does look very nice. you’ll highlight tasks with gorgeous pastel colors, and personalize how lists look.

According to Android Police, the corporate is additionally watching introducing premium themes and stickers. I can’t see myself using that, but to every to their own.

Another strength of Taskade is that it comes with some pretty solid collaborative features, whilst not exactly overdoing it. It’s less concerned with feature-completeness and focuses instead on ease-of-use.

For example, if I would like to share an inventory with a lover, Taskade lets me copy a link and share it via my medium of choice — like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. And rather than handling granular permissions, Taskade gives me two options: a view link, or an edit link.

There’s also a rudimentary chat feature, allowing you to debate your workload with a colleague or friend.

Suffice to mention, I’ve very quickly become a lover of Taskade. While I’m still pretty evangelistic about Zenkit (the ability to rework a Kanban board into a to-do list is pretty bonkers, IMO, but so useful), I can definitely see myself using this beyond the review.

You can download Taskade on Android and iOS. an internet version is out there, too. At the instant, the service is entirely free, with a paid premium version on the horizon.

Is Taskade better?

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