We love Greek food. Eating in Greece is actually an event. It is a feast for the senses, but it can also be a bit confusing. Thus, we’re excited to have a local expert share his Greek food guide with all of you!

So, let the mouth-watering begin!

Greek travel expert Dejan Kvrgic takes you through a guide to traditional Greek food, suggesting what dishes to eat and what food to order when visiting Greece.

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Greek food has barely changed in centuries. Original recipes have been passed down from generation to generation of families in Greece.

Greek cuisine is actually based on olive oil. Originating on the island of Crete, olive oil is actually a staple for all cooking in Greece. Add strong spices and herbs, making for delicious and healthy meals.

This Greek food guide will give you the confidence you have to order when eating at Greek restaurants in Zakynthos. Around Greece and the globe.


There’s a good risk of completing your meal at starters alone when dining out in Greece. Usual Greek appetizers include an array of Greek salads with many vegetables and minced meat dishes. There are also meatballs, fries, and the unavoidable famous Tzatziki.

Many of the dips are actually served in Greece as a Meze – a selection of small dishes for dipping and snacking – with bread or pita.


One pattern I see with Greek food is it’s usually simple with little fresh ingredients. But always delicious. Melitzanosalata is actually an eggplant dip perfect for meaty dishes. It is similar to baba ganoush, but not really; it is a bit less complicated with simple ingredients of eggplant, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and pepper, and salt.

Only a couple of ingredients pack a delicious punch.

Keep in mind; the eggplant is actually combined, pureed, and roasted for the best addition to the order of yours when deciding upon Greek dips for starters.

You can eat it with pita or perhaps bread, and it’s also a good addition to a meze platter served with pita bread.


Taramosalata (or Taramasalata) is actually another delicious dip made with traumas (salted and cured fish roe), olive oil, a base, and lemon juice of potatoes and bread.

This fish roe dip sounds worse than it’s. First, its smoky fish flavoring adds a savory finish to any Mezze platter (A Mediterranean party plater).

Mixed with – you guessed it, olive oil, lemon, milk, and breadcrumbs. Provide it with a try; you will like it. You will really love it.

Garlic and onions may be added to taste.

Serve with pita or perhaps bread, and you have a delicious appetizer.


Dolmadakia is actually just about the most popular Greek dishes you will see on many Greek menus.

These tasty rice and herb stuffed grape leaves could be loaded with whatever you wish.

They may be vegetarian with onions and parsley added or perhaps stuffed with beef or lamb.


The Greek Meatball can make an excellent appetizer for a crowd to share; it can be served at parties, which may also be the main course.

Seasoned with garlic and herbs and paired with tzatziki. You will love it.


Tyropitakia is actually a filo pastry pie stuffed with cheese. Lots of cheese.

Feta, cream cheese, ricotta, and melted butter make for a scrumptious appetizer.

A particular favorite of mine is actually this small crunchy pastry filled with feta cheese.

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