Fashion and Its Trends


Fashion is the style and custom that is adopted at a given period of time and it keeps on changing from time to time. As the world progresses toward the innovation of more powerful machines which are easy to manipulate, on the other hand fashion is not left behind. Different types of clothes made from different materials and designs have made people to change their mode of dressing of which smartness may vary from one person to the other. To wear a pair of jeans while attending an official duty was seen as indecent, but nowadays one can wear as there are some of jeans that look like official wears and match best with Kobe Bryant hoodie.

Fashion can not only be on the clothes design, but also the under garments, caps and all that entails dressing in general. Nowadays there are different clothes that suit different occasions. There are certain clothes that are best for music; there are those for afro music, and they like wearing big clothes and the hair style will also reveal the type of music. The rock stars will dress in ladish like clothes which are tight and shiny. In the past there clothes were for general purposes there were no specific clothes for specific functions except for the wedding gown which one could know it was meant for a bride.

There are clothes meant for summer others for winter, spring and autumn and this is as a result of fashion. Women are the one who are greatly affected by the fashion trend and they always want to be the first to have a certain fashion that is new in the market. Hair is also included as part of the fashion as there are many different hair styles.

The advantage of fashion is it has brought civilization and discovery of other textile that are durable, long lasting. Most of the people observe fashion as the western habit which occurred mainly during their economic or social change but in real sense nowadays fashion is experienced in every corner of the world with every community coming up with their own mode of fashion that identifies them. On the other hand fashion has played a big role in creating employment opportunities and it is among the well paying jobs.

What a person wears can easily tell what kind of a person he is, the behavior and generally you can be accorded respect as per the mode of your dressing.

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Fashion also varies according to age, social class, generation occupation and the geographical location. The young may look well when dressed in the old people clothes but when an old person decides to dress like a youth bet he will attract the attention of all the people because he will be looking ridiculous. Fashion has also been used to denote a certain social class as one can easily tell the class one belongs to through the mode of dressing and the make ups used and the material. It can also tell someone’s occupation and the geographical region one is coming from.

When choosing the type of cloth to wear be careful so as not to offend the people around you as some may cause people to perceive you in a wrong way. Do not dress because you saw someone else dressing you should know why he or she dressed it and for which purpose because you may end up wearing a swimming costume in a sporting activity.

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