Use Linen Towels to Get the Best After Shower Experience

Use Linen Towels to Get the Best After Shower Experience

Americans spend about $185 annually on bath preparation products, including bathroom towels. for many people, cotton towels are a no brainer bathroom staple. you’ll find them in any home accessories and emporiumand that they appear to be the logical choice.

Or are they? there’s an alternate, and that’s linen towels. If you’ve never thought of shopping for linen towels to dry off after a shower or bath, read on.

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They Last Longer
Linen takes longer to manufacture into a cloth, which is why it tends to be costlier than cotton. However, you’ll get your money’s worth as it’s a really sturdy natural material which will last years longer than cotton. Linen springs from the flax plant and is stronger than cotton.

Cotton towels will last about five years before they begin to develop tears and thread loss. Linen, on the opposite hand, is like cheese and wine: it gets better with age. Don’t be surprised if your linen towels feel softer and more luxurious after each laundering.

So while cotton could seem just like the cheaper alternative, you’ll end up replacing cotton towels more often than linen. Linen towels are a preferred choice in many parts of Europe because of their durability. consider them as an investment.

They get Dry Faster
Cotton towels are certainly absorbent, and can quickly take in water. the matter is that they tend to carry onto that liquid and may take a short time to air dry.

Linen is even more absorbent than cotton, but it dries much faster. this suggests you’ll reuse them quite a few times before you would like to scrub them as they won’t develop a musty smell, as cotton towels do.

They’re also a far better choice to bring back the beach or the pool, especially if you’re the sort of swimmer who likes to try to multiple dips within the water. They dry quickly and can be easier to use after your second swim.

This quality is thanks to linen fabric being more breathable. The linen threads also are thicker than cotton, so albeit their thread count is usually less than a cotton towel’s, they’re highly absorbent.

Linen is additionally a naturally antimicrobial fabric, supplying you with extra protection against musty odors. You’ll also love their moisture-wicking abilities once you wrap one turban-style around freshly washed hair.

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They’re Lightweight
Linen towels are naturally lighter than cotton ones, which is why they’ll be your go-to choice once you take them to the beach, pool, gym, or on trips. They take up less space and can keep your bag lighter.

This also means storing them will create more extra space for other items versus folded cotton towels, which tend to be thick and hulking.

They’re Softer
From the minute you bring them home from the shop, linen towels feel softer. This makes them a perfect choice for people that have sensitive skin. Cotton towels can feel hard and scratchy after laundering.

As already noted, linen gets even softer with age and use.

They’re Environmentally Friendly
Buying linen towels is sweet for the environment and linen is taken into account an eco-friendly fabric. The flax plant is often grown without the utilization of pesticides and other chemicals. Linen manufacturing also produces little or no waste, as every part of the flax plant is employed.

To be fair to cotton, most cotton manufacturing is often accomplished today with little or no pesticides. However, linen is just about considered to be organic.

They dismiss Sand and Dirt
Here’s another good reason to choose linen towels when visiting an area made for swimming. Sand, dirt, and other debris tend to resist clinging to linen. provides it a shake to assist restore its natural loftiness.

They are available during a sort of Colors and Patterns
If by now you’re thinking, “Yeah great, but will linen match my bathroom decor as my cotton towels do?” the solution may be a resounding yes. In fact, linen towels are made in many shades from pale neutrals to vibrant hues. They’re also available in several patterns and textures to suit all tastes.

You can also find linen towels in various sizes including hand towels for laundry your face.

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Caring for Your Linen Towels
Although each towel manufacturer may have slightly different instructions, all linen care is that the same for this low maintenance fabric.

Use a chilly or warm water temperature for laundry linen towels and a light detergent. Run the machine on a mild cycle or low cycle to assist protect the threads. you’ll want to use a detergent that’s gentle on the skin so you don’t risk irritation when using your linen towels.

You can dry linen towels in your dryer on a dry low setting or hang them bent dry. Avoid running your dryer at heat as this will damage the fibers.

Linen towels require no ironing (unless you would like to) and you ought to never need to clean them, making them truly easy to worry for. For storing linen, you shouldn’t place them in plastic bags or cedar chests because you don’t need to. Linen is of course insectifuge, so you don’t need to worry about clothes-eating moths and their offspring munching on them. 

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