How Much Do Pallets Cost?

How Much Do Pallets Cost

Environmental problem is actually increasing day by day at each level of society, and the world of business is actually no different. This should not be surprising, as sustainability measures aren’t only socially responsible but also a good business.

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In case you are the decision-maker or perhaps owner in a business, you might be worried about a possible switch to plastic pallets due to the stories of large quantities of plastic garbage forming islands in the Pacific or perhaps the media about the presence of microplastics in the planet. These’re serious concerns that can have the environmentally-conscious wondering: Are plastic pallets recyclable and sustainable?

Typically, pallets cost $120.00 depending on the kind of pallet. Pallet costs range from $4.00 to $200.00 for most pallets. Nevertheless, pallets are largely different in the different types available, such as wood, plastic, paper/ presswood, or perhaps metal; the costs will vary.

Cost of Wood Pallets

Wood pallets account for approximately ninety five % of the pallet market and are clearly the most popular choice for selecting a pallet. For a 48″x 40′ new GMA pallet, probably the latest pricing has been in the $11.25 $12.50 range, as reported by Pallet Profile Weekly, based on the region of the country you’re located in. A heavy-duty block style pallet, like those used to make pallet pools, pricing will be $25.00 or perhaps more. No. two recycled 48″x 40″ pallets have lately been in the $4.25 $5.50 range. Whereas, No. one recycled pallets have been priced in the $5.80 $7.40 range. Heat-treated (HT) pallets can usually be $1.00 more for each pallet.

Aside from geographic factors, such as labor availability, lumber of pallet core, shorter pallet manufacturing runs, or perhaps custom pallet sizes may make the pallet a lot more expensive.

Considering changes in pallet material prices can have a toll on the cost of pallets; typically, over half the cost of a pallet accounts for wood and another five to ten % in other substances. Alternatives to keep prices down include choosing recycled pallets or perhaps hybrid pallets (a mix of recycled and new materials) or perhaps considering a review of your pallet specifications and application to find out if another, possibly more affordable to build design be manufactured through pallet design software.

Cost of Plastic Pallets

The pricing for new plastic pallets can range from around $10.00 each for cheaper dispensable units (in truckload volumes) to the $80.00 range. It can cost well more than $100.00 for highly durable, extremely engineered models. The trendy twin sheet thermoforms distribution pallet can range in the $30.00 to $40.00 range. Using recycled plastic materials or perhaps other types of fillers can help keep costs down.

Although a little costly, a good pallet should last a great deal of time and deliver a lower price per trip, so long as it’s handled properly to stop theft or perhaps loss.

Due to manufacturing molds’ time and expense for plastic pallets, custom sizing can become an expensive option. Pallets constructed of pallet materials through extrusion are actually a far more clear fit for a custom size. An extruded plastic pallet that’s manufactured is a custom-built plastic pallet, for instance.

Cost of Presswood and Paper Pallets

Paper pallets are actually cherished for just how clean they’re, the lightweight of theirs, the simplicity of being recycled when emptied, and their comparatively low price point, usually only slightly higher than a like-sized expendable wood pallet. Paper pallet size is easily customized to the demands of the client.

Wood composite or perhaps Presswood pallets usually have a price almost the same as recycled wood pallets, but with the advantage of not requiring to be heat treated for international shipments, as well as getting the benefit of being nestable. The pricing for a 48″x 40″ Presswood pallet typically starts a little under $7.00. Presswood pallets are also available in several sizes. Check out Litco International, Inc. to see listed pricing for various sizes.

Cost of Metal Pallets

Metal pallets will include steel models and the pricier aluminum and stainless steel models in specified applications like rooms that are clean or perhaps food production surroundings. Rolled thin steel and mesh pallets sell at a lower price point, usually around the same as reusable plastic pallets. Stainless steel pallets and aluminum can be as much as $200.00 or perhaps more.

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