The Importance of Heat Treated Wood Pallets and Crates

Everything You Need to Know About Heat Treated Pallets

Heat treating is actually a method of sterilizing wood products to avoid insect infestations and other natural contaminations. Heat treating is vital for the protection of wood products, like all the materials and folks that interact with wood products. Having your wood pallets heat treated is actually the simplest way to ensure a hygienic and safe workplace. Here are a few things every business manager and operator should know about heat-treated wood pallets.

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Just how Does Heat Treatment Work?

The heat treatment system is straightforward. The International Phytosanitary Standard for Wood Packaging provides a guideline for how all wood pallets should be heat treated. As outlined by this guideline, wood pallets must first be debarked and then heated until they reach a minimum core temperature of fifty-six degrees Celsius for a minimum of thirty minutes. After they’ve undergone this process, wood pallets are actually stamped with a mark of compliance for quality assurance.

The Benefits of Heat Treated Pallets

Heat treating your wood pallets helps to protect them against several safety and health hazards. Heat treatments prevent harmful insects like termites and bed bugs from damaging the pallets of yours and destroying the inventory of yours. Not only do heat treatments kill some larvae or perhaps parasites that could be living on your wood pallets, but they also prevent future insect infestations. Heat treatments also protect against mold and mildew contaminations. Heat treatments are particularly essential if you use wood wallets to transport sensitive materials such as food products, chemicals, and medical materials.

Heat Treatment Regulations

All manufacturers, users, and buyers of wood pallets must remain up-to-date regarding this standard of wood pallet maintenance. This rule is actually followed by fourteen countries worldwide, so it is essential that any business that ships globally has their wood pallets heat-treated to stay away from contamination.

It can’t be reiterated enough. The heat treatment of wood cases and shipping pallets is actually crucial to the safety of customers. With constant news developments concerning recalls within the food and pharmaceutical industries due to the presence of chemical traces from the fumigation of wooden crates and pallets, the technique of sterilization by heat treatment looks like the only safe choice for sterilizing wooden pallets and wood cases.

Sterilizing exported wood packaging It’s the spread of wood pests that led to the implementation and development of the ISPM 15 treatment standard.

For instance, Formosan termites, a native of East Asia, are actually thought to have been released to the United States in the 1940s. The termites likely arrived in the USA via military ships returning from World War II. These ships carried cargo in wood crates and pallets.

Since being released to the US, the termites have spread throughout the southeast states, favoring the coastal areas and warm, humid weather.

As per all termites, this species strives on wood products. Termites are destructive insects that result in damage that is serious to buildings and homes.

Heat treatment In this wood sterilization method, the wooden crates and wood shipping pallets are actually heated until they reach a minimum core temperature of fifty-six °C (132.8 °F) for a minimum of thirty minutes.

USA and Canada In 2005, when the United and both Canada States adopted the ISPM 15 import requirements for wood crates and wood pallets, the 2 countries agreed to do without these standards for wood packing material moving between the 2 nations.

With time, both countries have reassessed the threat of pests associated with shipments between the 2 countries. They have decided that lots of issues could be addressed whether the import of wood packaging material between the 2 countries was regulated in the same fashion as those entering other places.

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