Tour Around Zante Town, Greece

Planning to Tour Around Zante Town

Zante Town is the business center and the capital of the island. The houses, shops, and buildings were rebuilt in the traditional Venetian Style after the destructive earthquake of 1953 that ruined the vast majority of the buildings in Zante Town and forced the inhabitants to rebuilt them, giving significant emphasis on the protection against earthquakes.

Hotels in Zante Town

In Zante Town, one can find mostly hotels at fairly affordable prices along with fairly good service quality. The basic benefit of staying in Zante Town is actually the business center and the cafes, which are actually nearby, whereas it’s the perfect base for excursions around the island. has carefully selected a good variety of exceptional accommodations at prices that are affordable, taking into consideration the need of yours for great and pleasant value-for-money accommodation in Zante. In Zante Town, you can find accommodation varying from four, three, and two stars hotels.

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In Zante Town, one can go to the beach nearby Solomos square or perhaps on the town’s outskirts; in Kryoneri, there’s a beach with calm water and small pebbles. Both of them are actually a good option for a short swim near Zante Town.

Zante Town comes with a wide variety of activities. On the main road, which leads to Zakynthos Port, one can find excursions point of sales for one day of Zante Coast Discovery. The Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos, Cultural Center, which houses the Municipal Library and the Zakynthos historical reports, is actually located on Solomos Square. In the medieval square of St Mark, Solomos Museum with the impressive Dionysios Solomos and Andreas Kalvos tombs are certainly worth a visit.

Here, the Catholic Church of St Mark is situated with regular Sunday Holy Mass. The Tourist Train of Zante Town, the very best way to watch the town while enjoying a fun and relaxed ride, has daily guides that start from Solomos Square. The magnificent Church of St. Dionysios, the patron saint of Zante, hosts the relic of the St. Dionysios, and it’s also considered a great attraction for the visitors. Beside the church, one can go to the Ecclesiastical Museum of Zante. Romas Mansion, nearby Solomos Square, is actually among the several buildings that weren’t destroyed by the earthquake of 1953.

Just outside of Zante Town is actually the famous Strains Hill, where Dionysios Solomos was inspired from the sounds of the Greek revolution to create the national anthem and Bohali, the place where one can appreciate the excellent views across Zakynthos also as a magnificent sunset.

At Solomos Square, one can hire bicycles, toy jeeps, and motorcycles for kids. There, the kids can play safely while adults can enjoy a stroll down the square or perhaps a relaxing cup of coffee.

Zante Town offers several taverns with traditional regional cuisine and fresh fish, most of which are actually located along the main road, which leads to A couple and zante Port in Kryoneri. Furthermore, one can choose Greek souvlaki with pitta, as grill houses are abundant in town. You can find several shops with sandwiches that are delicious and pancakes for fast food lovers.

The picturesque Rouga Square, currently Alex. Roma is definitely the most commercial street in Zante, with shops selling clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, local traditional products, children’s clothes, gifts, and underwear. In Zakynthos, the day begins early in the early morning and ends late at night. That is why shops remain closed in the noon as the owners take the siesta theirs.

Nightlife in Zante Town is fairly calm. Here, one can find bars and cafes that are actually turned into bars during the night, with modern Greek and international music, ideal for the first drinks of the night or perhaps a relaxing evening. Some seaside bars are available in Kryoneri. In Bohali, there are actually a couple of bars and cafes with modern international music that usually host parties and present famous DJs.

August is actually a festive month for Zakynthos, as on the 24th of August, the church honors the transportation of St. Dionysios’ relics from Strofades to Zakynthos. These times a big flea market is actually hosted in Zante Town near St. Dionysios church, where one can get a good number of cheap clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, gifts, and souvenirs local products like martellato, fitoura, and pasteli. The festive events end with pomp and a parade of the relic around the city.

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