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Maybe you set on a couple of pounds over the vacations . It are often hard to mention no to all or any those pies and leftovers in any case . or even you kept your New Year’s resolution and are understanding . Now you discover your waistline slimmer than ever. regardless of the case could also be , people often find that they have to feature a replacement hole to their handmade leather belts. It could even be something as simple as your belt being old and stretching out. Also, different pants hang at different parts of the waist, requiring different belt sizes to wear them comfortably.

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Luckily, there are all types of the way to feature a hole to your belt on your own. There’s no got to leave and buy a fresh one. goodbye as you recognize the way to make a hole during a belt you’ll be ready to economize while also holding on to your favorite fashion accessory.

Below are five methods for adding a replacement hole to your belt. likelihood is that you have already got the tools reception for a minimum of one among these. So just find the tactic that works for you and you’re halfway there!

How to Make it Look Right
Just confirm that you simply measure and mark where the opening will go. you would like the opening to match those already on your casual leather belt. If you are doing the work right it should appear as if the new hole was there the entire time.

In general, the quality rule is to possess holes lined up center to center with 1-inch spacing. Most belts from the shop will follow these rules. But countercheck that your belt follows these standards. Either way, it’s good practice to use a ruler and mark the holes with a pen or marker.

Method 1: Hammer and Nail (or an Awl)
That’s right, all you would like may be a hammer and nail to urge the work done. Even the only of toolboxes will have this. Simply find a nail that’s similar in size to the holes on your belt, line it up with the mark for your new hole, and drive it through with the hammer. this may get the work done, but it’d not look precisely the same because the other holes that were made during a factory when the belt was made.

So, this won’t be your first choice if you’re picky about the small print . As an alternate , you’ll use an awl. These are basically like ice picks, and that they are available different sizes. they’re going to make a rounded hole more so than a daily nail. So find an awl that has the dimensions of the opening you’d like and drive it through your marked spot an equivalent way you would a nail.

Method 2: power tool
Most tool boxes nowadays will include an influence drill. almost like the hammer and nail (or awl) method, you’d just get the bit you would like to drill your hole.

For most belts, a 3/16″ bit will do the work . you only want to require a few precautions since this is often an influence tool.

First, confirm you hold the belt steady. this may confirm the belt doesn’t catch the bit and begin spinning in situ , which could ruin it.
Second, confirm that you simply have a bit of wood or another material found out on the opposite side to catch the bit once you pierce your belt. You don’t want to try to to this on a kitchen counter or other surface that would get scratched.
Method 3: Pocket Knife
If you’re during a rush, a pocket knife can get the work done. Obviously, it’s not getting to be a reasonably job. But once you end up in an emergency situation piercing a hole with a knife will get the work done.

Maybe you would like a dress belt at a marriage because you forgot yours, and you discover one to borrow but it’s too big for you. or even an identical situation happens when you’re out camping and there are not any stores around. When there’s no toolbox available, a trusty pocket knife can help save the day.

Method 4: Round Drive Punch
This is more of a specialty tool so you would possibly not have it readily available. However, these tools are quite cheap and you’ll buy one online. they’re designed specifically to form round holes, so this makes it easier for you to urge a hole that appears an equivalent because the original ones on the belt.

Basically, it’s sort of a hammer and nail. Except rather than a pointy end sort of a nail, the top of the punch is round. Just confirm you purchase one within the right size. All you’ve got to try to to is hit it with a hammer to drive a hole through your belt. Typically, you’ll want the 3/16″ size, but it’s always an honest idea to countercheck just in case you’ve got a custom belt with different sized holes.

Method 5: Rotary Punch
Similar to the round drive punch is that the rotary punch. But rather than employing a hammer, the rotary punch comes with a squeeze handle. All you’ve got to try to to is locate the acceptable size punch for your belt then line it up where you would like the new hole and squeeze.

What really makes this tool convenient is that each one the sizes come on one punch on a wheel. All you’ve got to try to to is locate the dimensions you would like and lock it into position to squeeze your hole. Typically, you’ll want the #5 sized punch, but again it’s always an honest idea to countercheck before you create a hole.

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As long as you measure and mark your hole to where you would like it, any of the above methods will work to feature a replacement hole to your belt, weather it’s dressy or not. not will you would like to travel to the shop and buy a replacement belt whenever your waistline changes. you’ll economize and you furthermore may won’t need to get obviate your favorite belt. It’s a win-win situation!

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