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Best Hair Dryers: Based on Best Hairstylist’s Reviews

Best Hair Dryers Based on Best Hairstylist s Reviews

One small but mighty item that’s an absolute hair essential is that the hand blower. While we’re totally on board for an entire air-dry, a strong dryer can make all the difference between wearing water droplets on your back and major Farrah Fawcett vibes. Hairdryers are ideal not just for drying and straightening hair except for adding height and fullness to fine or thinning hair also. The less time your hair is under heat and therefore the more control you’ve got over the temperature, the healthier your hair is going to be, which is why finding the proper hand blower is vital.

According to experts, the simplest thing for your hair’s health is really letting it air-dry before blow-drying. “Hair is in its most vulnerable state when wet, so allowing it to air-dry is usually the healthiest option,” Giovanni Vaccaro, Glamsquad’s creative director, tells SELF. Fine to medium hair types can enjoy a rather longer air-dry (about 80% dryness), while those with thicker hair should air-dry to about 50% before reaching for a hand blower. Leaving curly or coily hair damp before a blow-dry gives it a far better chance of becoming totally straight once you’re finished. For those with curly or wavy hair looking to reinforce their natural texture rather than going stick-straight, Vaccaro recommends adding during a styling product while the hair is extremely wet, wrapping it during a microfiber towel or T-shirt, then beginning the blow-dry process.

With numerous sorts of dryers—from ionic (minimizes frizz and dry time) to ceramic (less damaging to hair)—heat settings, cool shots, and more, it is often challenging to work out which dryer is best for you. We asked quite a dozen hairstyling professionals about their grail tools, which include cult favorites just like the “> just like the Dyson Supersonic and ergonomic tools like the Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000. Read on for more details on which hair dryers to feature to your cart during your next beauty run.

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1.Conair Pro Silver Bird hand blower

This professional-grade dryer has six different heat settings, two-speed settings, and internal ceramic components, which help to smooth frizz while drying hair even faster.

“I love using this dryer on myself and clients because it’s extremely easy to carry, which is vital. The dryer also straightens out curly or coily hair to pin-straight smoothness and features a soft, flexible comb that’s easier on knots and tangles than others I’ve utilized in the past.” —Princess Belton, hairstylist

2 Dyson Supersonic hand blower

This pricey yet powerful dryer from Dyson is basically during a class of its own. It’s one among the quietest options you’ll buy, and lots of people rave about the sub-10-minute dry time. Understandably, it had been the foremost popular hand blower on our list, by far, which our panel of hairstylists credited to its fast-drying design, magnetic attachments, and precision-controlled airflow.

“My go-to blow-dryer would likely be the Dyson Supersonic. I really like that I can seamlessly use it on many different hair textures—from slightly wavy to tightly coiled.” —Candace Witherspoon, professional hairstylist

“The Dyson Supersonic may be a must-have for my kit. The dryer’s awesome features—including a smaller build, longer cord, multiple nozzle attachments, and quieter sound—are just a few of its upsides. It also has three-speed and warm settings and a cool shot, which allows for the right temperature setting on any hair type and helps prevent heat damage.” —Derek Yuen, celebrity hairstylist. 

“I’m really crazy with my Dyson—it’s with great care fast then powerful. Typically, the quicker the blow-dry the less damage is ultimately done to the hair! This dryer is certainly great for all hair types.” —Clariss Anya Rubenstein, celebrity hairstylist

“When diffusing hair, I really like the control I even have with temperature and airflow strength while using the Dyson Supersonic. It’s amazing for outlining curls and keeping frizz cornered. Precision in controlling heating and cooling levels, plus great airflow, is what’s needed for amazing curls.” —Aviva Perea, celebrity hairstylist

“My favorite hand blower is that the Dyson Supersonic. It’s great because it won’t damage hair, and it cuts drying time almost in half. I feel all kinds of hair can enjoy the Dyson, but it’s especially great for curly or natural hair since it’s designed with a tremendous diffuser.” —Anthony Campbell, celebrity hairstylist

“My go-to blow-dryer is that the Dyson. Not only is it lightweight and powerful, but it’s also the quietest blow-dryer on the market. It’s perfect for not awakening your partner or relations while preparing within the morning. If your hair is ok or on the thinner side, make certain to stay the warmth and power on the medium setting when using this tool.” —Clayton Hawkins, celebrity hairstylist

3 Pibbs Twin Turbo 3200 hand blower

This small but mighty hand blower includes two different nozzles for styling and is formed with a built-in anti-overheating device, so you’ll never need to worry about its temperature.

“I’m a forever fan of the dual Turbo dryer—I’ve tried numerous others but keep returning thereto. Its nozzle is great, the 3200 version is extremely lightweight, plus it doesn’t get too hot, and it also has very powerful airflow. I can easily do fast blowouts with a brush or my hands and a diffuser.” —Rubi Jones, celebrity hairstylist.

4 Red by Kiss 2200 Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer

Professionals love using this handleless hand blower since its streamlined design and cool-touch grip makes it super easy to dry or straighten their clients’ hair.

“Many professional blow-dryers are typically on the pricey side, but I really like using this one because it’s handleless, which allows for more control while I style my clients’ hair. I also love that it’s two different pick attachments: One I exploit explicitly for detangling, and therefore the other is great for smoothing through any tangles after a blow-dry.” —Lynn Miles, professional hairstylist

5 Ghd Helios Performance hand blower

Ghd’s ionic Helios hand blower may be a new product for the brand but already a stylist favorite due to its ability to deliver a concentrated airflow while still being extremely lightweight.

“The Ghd Helios hand blower is my hero when it involves blow-drying any type or texture of hair. I really like it because it’s lightweight and it can easily be used whether I’m on the go or reception. It features ionic technology that delivers a concentrated temperature and great airflow distribution for faster and smoother blowouts, and is one among my favorite tools to use.” —Yusef Williams, celebrity hairstylist

6 Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic hand blower

Another ceramic (and ionic) professional favorite, this tool is right for those looking to attenuate static frizz and pump up the shine factor on their hair.

“Elchim blow-dryers work wonders. apart from lasting practically forever, they also use a complicated ionic and ceramic system that leaves the hair so shiny and healthy.” —Isaac Davidson, a professional hairstylist at the Industry Artist MGMT

7 Red Pro Kiss Robin Titanium 3500 hand blower

This titanium dryer may be a favorite among stylists due to its great price point (just under $50) and simply adjustable temperature controls. Plus, weighing in at a pound total, the hand blower is extremely lightweight.

“This hand blower is one among the foremost powerful tools I even have in my styling arsenal. i exploit it on my clients and on myself, and for under $50, it’s definitely well well worth the price.” —Gwynn Geohaghan, professional hairstylist

8 Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000

This ergonomic mint green hand blower, developed by the hairstylist behind Gisele Bündchen’s famous beach waves, allows you to modify between ionic and nonionic heat settings for sleek and voluminous styles, with a strong 1875-watt motor. For people that suffer from arm fatigue after only a couple of minutes of blow-drying, it even comes in an ultra-lightweight version that weighs in at but a pound.

“The strength of this hand blower is ideal for blowouts or smoothing curls and frizz, and is awesome for imparting volume at the basis with all hair types.” —A.P.

9 Hot Tools Signature Series Ionic Turbo Ceramic Salon hand blower

This powerful ceramic hand blower uses “far-infrared” heat to assist seal the hair cuticle and protect it from potential heat damage which will occur from over-styling.

“I love using the recent Tools Signature Series hand blower on my natural hair clients. it’s six different heat settings that make it easy to comb straight through even the thickest hair with none heat damage.” —Kiandra, professional hairstylist

10 Turbo Power Ultra Turbo 3600

This ceramic hand blower is formed in Italy and features a compact, lightweight design that will easily pack into a suitcase or weekend bag.

“The Turbo Power Ultra Turbo 3600 dryer is another one among my favorites to use. I really like that I can easily move between heat settings when using it, which it’s made with a removable filter that creates it easier to stay clean.” —C.W.

11 Bio Ionic Graphene MX hand blower

One tried-and-true hand blower that the professionals we surveyed love is that the Bio Ionic Graphene MX hand blower, which is made to evenly distribute heat while helping customers style their hair at a lower temperature.

“I love my Bio Ionic Graphene MX hand blower. It boasts less breakage since it evenly distributes heat at lower temperatures, which is important for fine hair. Since the cuticle wall on curlier hair types (such as 4C) tends to be weaker, those with natural hair types also can enjoy using this dryer.” —Gabrielle Corney, celebrity hairstylist

12 Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875 Watt hand blower

Hairstylists swear by this dryer due to its combination of ionic and ceramic technology that helps to softly dry curls and waves while providing an excellent base for sleek blowouts.

“One of my favorite grail blow-dryers to recommend to clients is certainly the Conair Infinity Pro 1875 Watt Salon Performance Dryer Model 294. It allows you to blow-dry your hair with the dexterity of knowledgeable stylist, right reception .” —Stevie Gavin, professional hairstylist/colorist at Ian McCabe Studio

13 BaByliss Luxe Full-Size hand blower

Professionals also love this under $100 option from BaByliss, which includes both ionic and ceramic technology to stay hair shiny and powerful.

“The lightweight but powerful BaByliss Luxe Full-Size hand blower is another tool i really like to use on my clients, either for blowouts or natural styles. It comes with two attachments—a diffuser and concentrator (perfect when employing a round brush)—that are equally effective.”

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